Dividing Daisy Audiobooks.

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Sat Dec 22 12:53:03 UTC 2018

As two file names include "protected", probably to make any change you
need to "unprotect" them first. Is it possible and allowed?

Other than that, the "file" command can tell you a file type.	

For instance type:
file asimovs_2018-11-0001.3gp

If it falls in the "text" category you can display it in a pager like
less, most or more. 

Knowing the results can maybe help someone help you.



On 22/12/2018 13:20, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Okay, not sure which version of Daisy I'm working with here, but
> here's the output from ls on the root of one of the magazines:
> asimovs_2018-11-0001.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0002.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0003.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0004.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0005.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0006.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0007.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0008.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11-0009.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11.ncx
> asimovs_2018-11.opf
> asimovs_2018-11.pncx
> asimovs_2018-11.ppf
> asimovs_2018-11.smil
> asimovs_2018-11ann.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11hdgs.3gp
> asimovs_2018-11pdtb.md5
> dtbsmil110.dtd
> ncx110.dtd
> oeb1.ent
> oebpkg101.dtd
> pdtb_protected.smil
> protected.mp3
> us-nls-dm-asimovs_2018-11.ao
> I don't recognize most of the filename extensions, but I suspect the
> .3GP files are the actual audio since du -sh * | sort -h identifies
> them as being the largest files in the directory. I also know
> protected.mp3 is simply a recording that plays when trying to play the
> book on a unauthrized device.
> I'm assuming most, if not all, of my current Daisy Library is the same
> major revision of the format as most of the magazines are dated 2017
> or 2018, and there are five files that Jdupes identifies as being
> identical across 137 audiobooks, which I believe is the entire
> library.
> I hope that helps others in narrowing down exactly which beast we're
> dealing with.

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