Slint, Mate, a couple of issues

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Thu Dec 27 11:49:49 UTC 2018

Hello, list.
I just install Slint on my laptop for everyday use but have a couple of
issues in Mate.
First issue is the top panel acess. Whin I just installed Slint, it
worked just fine. I pressed Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab to go to the top panel.
But after upgrading my system to the latest packages and changing my
locale to Russian this combination stops working. Of course I know that
I just can get rid of the bottom pane and the top pane will become
accessible, but I wonder, if there is a more elegant solution for this?
Another issue is that Braille panning does not seems to work in
graphical mode on both my machines. I am using Focus 40 blue (4th gen)
Braille display. In console with Brltty everything works well, but in
Mate I can see the line focus is on, but if the text does not fit the
display, I am not able to pan through it. This problem persists through
all the apps I use. I remember that in the past I did not have this

Any help with these problems will be highly appreciated.

Have a nice Christmas season and happy new year.


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