Linux and home monitoring?

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Sat Feb 3 20:20:41 UTC 2018

I've heard of the Ring app that will alert your phone if anyone is near 
the door. At that point, you're supposed to be able to talk to the 
person at the door, even when you're away from home. I don't think 
they're even supposed to need to ring the doorbell, i.e. push the button 
to intentionally ring it. It's just supposed to activate the way I 
understand it. I think there are other similar apps out these days, but 
I know little about them. My primary issue with these types of doorbells 
is that I'm not sure they're wireless, and we need a wireless option, 
since no wire was installed when we purchased our house, and in fact it 
had no doorbell of any kind, so we purchased this unit. It's fully 
wireless, and relies on no computer or wifi network in order to run. 
That said, it also doesn't alert a phone or computer or any other 
existing devices either, as it has its own portable base unit.
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