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Thu Feb 8 19:54:30 UTC 2018

I have two questions, both of which have to do with web hosting.
I am running a Linode with a Debian 8 OS and PHP-5. I am hosting 
everything in a virtual host in /var/www/html/
I had written to this list before because I needed assistance in trying 
to get WordPress to work. At the time I was using a different VPS 
provider and Ubuntu 16.04 with PHP-7. I had so many problems with it 
that I chose to delete it and try it with PHP-5. I'm glad to say that 
everything is working, for once, the way it should.
I have one problem and one question. I'll start with the question.
Is there a PHP script some where some place that you can use to have 
people fill out a form on your web site to create a TeamTalk account? My 
understanding is that a site like and have something like this. If there is something 
out there that can do this, I would like to know about it.
The next part is a weird problem I'm having. As I had said before, I am 
using Debian 8 Jessie, and someone here had sent me a guide to setting 
up ISP Config, which is a free alternative to C-Panel. I installed 
everything on my VPS to get it up and running. But now I need a way to 
force https on all my sites so that no passwords or card numbers are 
leaked. The problem I'm having is that when I log onto Squirrelmail and 
send a message to my gmail or yahoo accounts, I never receive the e-mail 
even though it's in the sent items. I didn't see any error logs of any 
kind. I am using Cloudflare for my DNS management, and VPS-dot-net is my 
domain registrar. Do I need to set up any MX or TXT records to get my 
e-mail to work?My friend and I tried sending an e-mail to the mailbox we 
created, but we got a bounced message from mailer daemon saying that the 
message could not be sent.
Any help with these two things is greatly appreciated.

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