seeking an alpine pro.

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Thu Feb 22 02:19:52 UTC 2018

Hi folks,
might be a paid gig for the  talent.
Here is the situation.
My office has a hosting account with dreamhost.
As a part of that account I have a fully functional Linux shell, Ubuntu 
actually, containing many of the programs associated with some shell 
The mail client used is Alpine.
Dreamhost does not support alpine, and I have enjoyed so many problems 
using the program  that  frankly I wish I had pine but never mind.
I seek someone solid enough with alpine to check our company 
configuration.  I will give you what is needed to check this, and to make 
corrections to the setup.
I am growing tired of things that I imagine can be altered in 
configuration, and would rather have the issues fixed by a knowledgeable 
person than learn what is needful.
Any takers?

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