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Wed Feb 21 16:09:12 UTC 2018

Perhaps, but Linux users, especially text mode users, will have a bit of 
a problem meeting some of the requirements. They want us to use a 
sledgehammer with a patented head to hang the proverbial picture on the 
wall. To clarify, they're asking us to write in diary format any 
problems we encountered completing their tasks, but they want it in 
Microsoft Word format. Even taking into account the fact that 
LibreOffice can in fact save that type of file, and even taking into 
account that if I was to save my file in Open Document Text format, 
their beloved Microsoft Word could open the file with no difficulty, and 
has been able to do so for years, I think it's overkill to use either 
format for such things, when plain text will do nicely, and can be 
opened with anything at all, from ed to nano to vim and emacs to pluma 
and gedit to even LibreOffice if that is your thing.
Imetumwa kutoka pete yangu

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