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Hi Bryan,

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>I use Mac due to its high quality screen reader, easy to use 
>interface, and access to Unix terminal.

I had the same idea a few years ago and thought that a Mac would be the 
best solution for my needs. A Mac has a modern and easy to use 
graphical interface and has also all things which are needed if you have 
to work in a textbased terminal. I am also a linux admin since 15 years 
and for my work I have to use a terminal most of the time, but sometimes 
a modern browser or other tools are needed that are running in graphical 

After using a Mac for a few weeks at work I was very disappointed. 
Especialy the VoiceOver support in the terminal is not more then 
rudimentary compared to the things you can do with a screenreader on a 
linux system. Because of this I switched back to a linuxbased system and 
I am using Debian on a laptop now with brltty and espeak in the 
textbased environment and orca in Mate.

But I am still interested how people are able to work in the Mac 
terminal with VoiceOver successfully and productively. Are there any 
settings for the Mac terminal that make VoiceOver support better or dou 
you use another screenreader for the Mac terminal and not VoiceOver? 
How ofthen do you work in the Mac terminal, are you also working 
remotely on other systems via ssh and which tools are you using? Do you 
use the latest Mac OS version or which system  is running on your Mac? 
Do you use also a brailledisplay on the Mac and in the terminal?

Cheers and all the best from Munich,


Christian Schoepplein - <chris (at)> -

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