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Sun Jan 14 18:50:58 UTC 2018

Hopefully your computer will boot off a USB stick if it's plugged in, so 
you won't need to go into your BIOS to change the boot order.

You'll just need to use a utility to create a bootable USB stick. The 
trick is finding an accessible one. Maybe someone else can suggest one, 
but I think Rufus might be an option at For 
myself, I just use dd on one of my Linux systems.

On 01/14/2018 11:52 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently got a new computer with 1 TB of memory, 8 GB of RAM, and here
> are the rest of my specs using the msinfo32.  System Model; Value: HP
> Laptop 15-b System Type; Value: x64-based P Processor; Value: AMD
> A9-9420 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G, 3000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical
> Processor( Anyhow, I found out that the bios on this machine is
> activated by pressing the F10 continuously at startup. It will make a
> loud beeping noise to let you know you are at the bios. You use the
> arrow keys. I heard that blind people have been able to install Linux
> using the Bios despite not having any sighted assistance even though we
> know that bios's are not accessible. How did they go about doing this?
> I went on a Linux web site and downloaded a few distros, Ubuntu 16.04
> desktop, and Debian 8 Desktop. Both are iso files. Unfortunately, I
> don't have any blank DVD's right now, though I have a few flash drives.
> I heard that you need to specially configure your flash drive to make it
> bootable. Are there any accessible tools that let you do this, and if
> you can provide a link to it I would greatly appreciate it.
> If someone knows how to use this particular bios, can someone send me a
> list of shortcuts, like how many times to press the arrow key in which
> direction for a certain number of times to arrive at a specific menu?
> Many Thanks,
> -Harmony
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