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Hello, Harmony:

Another option for you is:

How to create a bootable USB stick, or a bootable DVD disk depends on
what OS you're running. I'd guess yours is Windows, as that's what most
laptops are pre-installed with--excepting Macs from Apple. So, as a
consequence you're looking for Windows help on how to do that.

As other have mentioned, your bios should start booting the bootable
stick (or DVD) when you turn the computer on. Unfortunately, not all
machines behave that way, but most do. Let's assume the best for now and
deal with the situation if you discover different?



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Hello,
> I recently got a new computer with 1 TB of memory, 8 GB of RAM, and here 
> are the rest of my specs using the msinfo32.  System Model; Value: HP 
> Laptop 15-b System Type; Value: x64-based P Processor; Value: AMD 
> A9-9420 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G, 3000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical 
> Processor( Anyhow, I found out that the bios on this machine is 
> activated by pressing the F10 continuously at startup. It will make a 
> loud beeping noise to let you know you are at the bios. You use the 
> arrow keys. I heard that blind people have been able to install Linux 
> using the Bios despite not having any sighted assistance even though we 
> know that bios's are not accessible. How did they go about doing this?
> I went on a Linux web site and downloaded a few distros, Ubuntu 16.04 
> desktop, and Debian 8 Desktop. Both are iso files. Unfortunately, I 
> don't have any blank DVD's right now, though I have a few flash drives. 
> I heard that you need to specially configure your flash drive to make it 
> bootable. Are there any accessible tools that let you do this, and if 
> you can provide a link to it I would greatly appreciate it.
> If someone knows how to use this particular bios, can someone send me a 
> list of shortcuts, like how many times to press the arrow key in which 
> direction for a certain number of times to arrive at a specific menu?
> Many Thanks,
> -Harmony
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