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Thu Jan 18 12:50:40 UTC 2018

Hi Harmony,

Le 18/01/2018 à 11:31, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> sudo find . -type d -exec chmod 0755 {} +
> sudo find . -type f -exec chmod 0644 {} +
> I just tried installing a WordPress update, but after it unpacks it, it 
> says, cannot create directory, installation failed. Thank you for 
> creating with WordPress.

If it says cannot create directory, that means that either the directory
in which it tries to create another one is not writable (this shouldn't
be the case if it's 755) or and more probably that the script that
should create the new directory is run as an user not allowed to write
in the parent directory.

There is also he possibilty that the parent directory has been made
immutable with chattr +i but this is unlikely. 

To find out please psot back the full output of:
stat <dir>
where <dir> is the path to the directory where the new one should be
created (in other words its would be parent directory)

Please tell us also as which user you are running the script that fails
to create it.


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