vultr refusing to help with server set up do to not being blind friendly

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Sun Jul 15 23:39:41 UTC 2018

You have no kind of mouse emulation? I would just click with mouse 
emulation the location and/or the distro I need. Mouse emulation will 
click just like you have a mouse, but using keys on the keyboard 
instead. I can't try it here, since I don't want to give them my money 
seeing as I already have the servers I need with another provider. 
Still, if your screen reader has any way to emulate a click, it should 
work, unless virtual buffering in browsers makes that impossible, which 
is a very real possibility, in which case, you may have better luck with 
ChromeVox in Chrome or using your phone.

BTW, this isn't a place where discussion of Microsoft or Apple operating 
systems or their screen readers is considered on topic, and whining 
about the accessibility or lack thereof on a website where you are using 
such things doesn't change the fact that such a post is off-topic, even 
if it's a site where you can, if you want, start a Linux server.

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