Accessible midi recording / music writing using Linux

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Sun Jul 29 10:52:59 UTC 2018

Dear al,
My name is Pavel Vlček, I am from Czech republic. I am using all known 
platforms. I have a small Usb midy keyboard, Novation Launcher key mini 
v2. It includes some software and synthesis instruments, but it is for 
Mac and Windows only. What I want? I want to use this keyboard with some 
Linux and midi sequencer, and / or notation software. I know, how to use 
midi recording / music writing with Frescobaldi 3.0 midi input, but this 
soft is unable to play tones during playing by usb midi keyboard. So, 
Can you please recommend me some accessible sequencer for Linux and what 
distro is best for using it? I bought Zorin os, because it has all 
configured for jack server, but it uses software from Ubuntu 16.04 and 
this software is old for me. The good property of the sequencer will be 
Lilypond export if it is possible.

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