slint 2tb limit

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Thu Mar 15 02:50:39 UTC 2018

although tools are on slint disks to handle gpt disks anyone attempting to 
have a gpt label on an efi disk will encounter insurmountable problems 
from lilo.  I was unable to install on a gpt disk with lilo the mbr was 
unuseable as a good place and the superblock of the / partition was also 
unuseable lilo threw errors in both cases.  In order to do this at all, I 
had to put a dos label on the hard drive and restrict myself to 2,044gb 
for / partition and I used 4gb for the swap partition as well.  Something 
else with lilo.  If I put the swap partition first and / as second 
partition lilo cannot install on the superblock of /dev/sda2 and cannot 
install on the mbr either.  So long as the / partition is first it's 
possible to install to the mbr and I have no idea if lilo will be able to 
install to the superblock of /dev/sda1 either since I didn't try that yet. 
Maybe it will be possible to take that 3rd tb and use it for a data 
partition eventually unless a tool can be used to break the dos barrier. 
Other label types are available than gpt and dos I just haven't studied 
them all that much except for ntfs just yet.


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