talkingarch support off for now

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Wed May 23 09:39:26 UTC 2018

I wonder could it be only the integrity check sigs are broken and not
the iso?  I could download the current iso direct and torrent and try a
couple installations and find out.  I have the time to do this too.

On Tue, 22 May 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

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> Hi
> I'm not sure about bittorrent download, but FWIW I succeeded
> in downloading the .iso image from the talking arch website,
> and booting it from qemu. I didn't check the integrity.
> -joel
> > It's not possible to download the current version over here with
> > bittorrent and get a download that will pass integrity checks for whatever
> > reason.  I thought torrents weren't supposed to have those problems.
> > So I downloaded the last dual boot iso which was 2017-01-01dual.iso and
> > was able to go into an installation to the point of the pacstrap command.
> > Unfortunately, pacstrap complained that all files were corrupt it
> > downloaded and wouldn't do the commit.  I wouldn't use this older version
> > if the current version could pass integrity checks.  The maintainer has
> > had a power supply failure on hardware he used to roll new releases so he
> > can't fix any of the release problems either.
> > Is there a way around these errors one could take and still like
> > themselves the morning after?
> >
> > If I can finish an install successfully the only version of talkingarch
> > that will be available until new support comes on line will be the
> > 2017-01-01dual.iso unless that too is taken off line.
> > The integrity problems happen since the .sig files that come with the iso
> > will not verify as good once corresponding public keys get downloaded and
> > without good .sig files the iso is impossible to verify as well.
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