Help with setting up DNS services and mail services on a Linode cloud based server?

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On Wed, 21 Nov 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Hello, list!
> Since Midnight Commander does not seem to work with Braille well, I am
> in search for stand alone Braille friendly console file manger. I 
> would
> like to find something like file browser buit in in Vim. I installed 
> Vifm, but it does not seem to work with Braille either.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> -- 
> ? ?????????? ???????????
> ?????? ???????
> With best regards
> Sergei Fleytin
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Good evening everyone I’ve spent much of the afternoon coming down to 
organizations that I deal with how holy, because it reported to me that 
my domain and sent them spam. This has occurred without my knowledge.

So now what I’m going to do is see if I can get some help setting up 
DNS services Andy can email server and just do it on the cloud-based 
Lenox space that I’m already paying for. But distribution that I have 
on the cloud-based Linux  server is Fadora  core.

Sup anyone who would like to help certainly posed here, and I will be in 
touch as they say in the deaf blind world.

This all started when I signed up for service with a big domain 
registrant. Unfortunately I did advertising from them every day and now 
I find out that their spamming to organizations and two very different 
fields but the organizations are very prominent in their fields. You 
certainly don’t spam the American radio relay league, and you don’t 
send spam to NFB. Just as soon as I get this set up, goodbye very large 
company cancel my service! This is not the first flurry of reports about 
this and I did mention it to them this past summer. But it sadly appears 
that the big huge company doesn’t care.

Mike you very much for reading this.

Sincerely Maurice Mines.
Amateur radio call, kd0iko.

If somebody really wishes to contact me off list about this, my email 
address maurice .mines at

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