JenniOS linux distrobution?

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Fri Oct 26 04:27:06 UTC 2018


any one here who have used JenniOS will you please get in touch with me?

I don't know who created this distro but there is no documentation what 
so ever.

it talks and claims that it supports android 9, android 7.1 and a 
talking linux distro of JenniOS think it may be based off of arch.

anyways there is no documentation

and I can't get the blasted thing to boot up in both virtual box and 
with vmware

it installs with out a hich but that is far as I get.

this is really starting to frustrate me to no end and could use some 
help with this distro.

it even has a talking clone zilla but the distro is a really neat idea.

the latest update is


oh and the dude doesn't leave any contact information just public forums 
witch there hasn't been a single post on.

the website to this distro is

on this page you can see some of the accessible projects the developer 
has work on.

anyways can I get some help here?



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