w3m continues Edbrowse?

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Tue Oct 30 12:48:44 UTC 2018

Hi Jeffery,

On Tue, October 30, 2018 11:53 am, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> executing w3m without command line arguments just prints its help message.
> Piping this to a file so I can read all of it makes it clear
> that a URL or filename is the minimal amount of arguments needed, but both
> w3m gmail.google.com
> and
> w3m relative/path/to/local/textfile.txt
> produce completely blank screens.

This must really be something specific with your system, because I was
able to open the gmail page without problems.

What happens if you try

w3m http://gmail.google.com

Will it work, if you put a "http" in front of the address?

You could also look in your home directory for a .w3m directory and delete
it just to make sure that there is no local broken configuration.

BTW.: I am using Debian Stretch with the stretch backports repo enabled.
The installed w3m version is 0.5.3-34+deb9u1.



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