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The below is from google access.
Let me know if these steps have been tried.

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Alt+shift+f to open the Docs file menu, , down arrow to download as, enter
to open the submenu, down arrow to choose the format of choice, press
enter. Has this individual tried these steps? Note that it is best for
accessibility mode to be turned on in Docs if it isn't already, and for the
individual to use focus mode, instead of browse mode in Orca.


On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 4:20 PM Karen Lewellen <klewellen at>

> The below  is not my  personal question, but from a blindness related
> Linux   list.
> You will note they are using  Firefox, but still finding issues.
> Sharing because like most of the general public they did not even know an
> accessibility list  exists for google all.
> I am directing them to   join here as well.
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> Subject: Downloading from Google Docs
> Okay, so someone shared a google doc with me, and I spent like half an
> hour trying to download the file and accomplished nothing but giving
> myself a headache.
> Google Docs is an inaccessible hunk of junk I'd like to hear scoured
> from the face of the Earth, but since the abomination isn't likely to
> be going anywhere anytime soon, and it's probably going to only get
> more common place for people to send me documents via Google Docs than
> as a sensible e-mail attachment, I'd like to ask my fellow blind Linux
> Users if they've found anything that makes it easier to go from being
> sent a link to a Google Doc to opening a file in your text editor of
> choice and having your screen reader of choice read it?
> If it matters, I'm using Firefox and I've tried downloading both with
> Javascript enabled and disabled.
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