I question about how does a blind person get speech going on a Ubentu System.

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Fri Dec 27 02:18:58 UTC 2019

Do you mean Ubuntu 18.04.3? I haven't tried this version yet, but I got 
Orca going on an 18.04.1 install a while ago by just hitting the key 
sequence to start Orca, namely alt+super+s. BTW, this is the same as 

On 12/26/19 5:58 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello my subject line says it all, I am totally blind. I downloaded a 
> copy of Desktop Ubentu 18.3. This distribution has been installed in a 
> virtual Machine. After installation the system is running the GUI 
> Interface. I would like to use Orca four scream Reading access? How 
> can I due this?
> Sincerely Maurice Mines.
> PS this email has been dictated to my Mac Book pro. Please forgive any 
> mistakes?I hope that this is readable?
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