Emacspeak, Voxin, And The Jenux Operating System

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Sun Jan 6 18:54:36 UTC 2019

Greetings all!

I saw a topic about Manjaro Linux earlier today, and just wanted to share
the following, even though I think it may have been discussed in some
detail on here in the past (with mixed thoughts.) I'm also gonna mention
some stuff about Emacspeak too, along with some "Voxin" talk (since I
recently bought that Boxin IBM TTS voice for 4.63 USD recently.)

There is the "Jenux" operating system created by Daniel Nash, which has
recently been updated with its ISO installer file, plus there's also the
Virtualbox file you can get as well.

There's a long discussion about it which I made (featuring said developer,)
over at:


, and the official place to grab the ISO and/or the Oracle VirtualBox
Appliance file over at:

https://nashcentral.duckdns.org:8100 /projects.html

Lastly, if folks haven't heard yet, the "Oralux.Org Association," creators
of Voxin (who caries licenses for "Nuance TTS Voices," and making it  easy
for them to be install,) is coming out with "Vocalizer" voices for Linux in
the 2nd quarter of 2019!
To learn more about that, and to grab the "Emacspeak" and "VoxinUp"
installers for the Emacspeak audio desktop and the Speakup screen reader
respectively, take a trip on over to:


NB I still run in Windows 10 mostly, thus trying out many distros in a VM,
though I'm getting a linux Laptop in do time. Some say get Dell, some say
get Thinkpad, though many are scared of the Lenovo brand name.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. Have a great day!


Trenton Matthews

PS. Since I menton Emacspeak here, and I've been enjoying it in an Ubuntu
18.04 VM recently with Emacs 26.1, might as well share the blog to it:


In addition, here's the easiest way with installing Emacs 26 on Ubuntu, for
those who use a version of said distros:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kelleyk/emacs sudo apt-get update sudo apt
install emacs26


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