Emacspeak, Voxin, And The Jenux Operating System

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Mon Jan 7 13:53:24 UTC 2019


I do not recommend using Slint in a VM generally as speech there
is far from on par with what it is on bare metal.

Nevertheless, if another hurdle prevented you to use it,
please elaborate as that could help enhance Slint, and maybe
the issue you encountered will been solved in next big
update, coming soon.


Didier Spaier
Slint http://slint.fr

On 07/01/2019 03:50, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> PS. I tried "Slint" in virtualbox, and well... I didn't get very far...
> Also, link to the Jenux.OVA file has pulled for now on the Nash Central
> site, as I believe its getting that same ISO update, though for the
> appliance itself.
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