Talking arch installation question

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Tue Jan 8 15:41:27 UTC 2019

I had an empty hard drive, but I did still write a new partition table. If 
you're trying to overwrite what is already on your hard drive, you can just 
follow my guide. Otherwise, don't write the new partition table and keep 
everything you want to keep, only overwriting what you don't need. For example, 
if you have a separate /home partition you want to keep, only make new 
filesystems on the partitions you want to wipe out. Keep /home as it is and 
mount it during the installation so that you can see it. You will still need to 
make the new user as I describe. Of course if you're trying to keep both 
operating systems on the same drive, both the Linux you have and TalkingArch, 
things get much more complicated, as you will need to resize partitions and 
filesystems and mess with the boot loader. In this case, you may be better off 
installing to a USB drive or similar, which can be done fairly easily just 
following my tutorial, only changing the device name to correspond to the drive 
where you want TalkingArch. Your only potential problem then will be figuring 
out how to make your specific computer boot from USB. Hope it helps.

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