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`I have gone through all the steps to unsubscribe. I am still getting messages.

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Subject: Hiya, new and a few questions

Hi all....decided to show up here finally. So...questions, and probably 
really, really obvious ones but....

1. Okay, so filters on email. I use Thunderbird. I set up one to move 
all my stuff from various lists into its own folders, one for this list 
for example. Now, instead of setting up the filters every time on a new 
machine or device.....can I simply skip all that and just set the 
filters in Gmail to start with and wil Thunderbird pick up on that?

2. I was reading the Jenux thread on the forums and participating 
on it (no prizes for guessing who I am there), and I was wondering, 
since once I get a faster internet, what you lot suggest for accessible 
programs to put on a new machine. I got two schools of thought...

1. See if Jenux will work on bare metal. Just because it works fine in a 
VM at 400 kb/s DL rate...doesn't mean it works on bare metal. I'd rather 
not risk my desktop breaking.

2. Go with something like Antergos, that I know for a fact has 
accessibility packages as an option in the installer.....

So. If I go Jenux, I get accesssible stuff.

However. I'm also posing this...

If I go Antergos.....where can I find the folloing....

1. I know Mate comes with easy to use stuff. However. Is there an easy 
way to port some of the stuf Jenux installs with its script (namely the 
rhvoice, Firefox addons and so forth) into an Antergos install. Both are 
Arch based and have the same underlying what's the 
easiest way.

Is it a simple sudo pacman -S rhvoice-git then it'll show up in Orca?

And next question. What's the general consensus on the most 
Orca-friendly office suite? Yeah I know LibreOffice is popular 
but....I'm wary of that having bad Orca support, and Pluma only goes so far.

Ideally, I'd like Jenux to improve, and not die horribly if, say, 
there's a power outage that makes it unable to boot (which happened with 
it on a VM when I was playing around with it)

Or, I'd like to make Antergos as useable for me as possible. So to that 

Next question. What are the 'must have' for a Mate install of Antergos? 
I'm excluding stuff that's installed by default with a Mate install, 
however things like voices, programs, etc are fair game. So, 
list.....what are the 'must have' things installed?

Oh and one more. Jenux has freedos-accessible. Is that in the main repos 
or not, if so I'd assume I need the Jenux repo to grab it, right?

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