Changing grub default tune

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Mon Jan 14 14:02:29 UTC 2019

I modified the original /etc/default/grub by uncommenting the last
line. Which is

GRUB_INIT_TUNE="480 440 1"

and then run

sudo update-grub2

After reboot, I still hear a single beep.

Linux for blind general discussion writes:

> Linux for blind general discussion, le dim. 13 janv. 2019 13:25:42 +0700, a ecrit:
>> I wonder if it's possible to change default grub boot menu?
>> I tried changing option in /etc/default/grub on line GRUB_INIT_TUNE and
>> update grub but the dboot tune is still a single beep.
> That should be the proper way, it's odd if it doesn't work.  Does it go
> away if you comment the line?  How did you change the option exactly?
> Samuel
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