Accessible Distros for a beginner?

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Fri Aug 21 15:34:12 UTC 2020

There is thunder screen reader and lightning screen reader available and
those did work on older versions of windows so may work on wine.
Lightning requires some vision and thunder is for those with no vision.

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> And even if NVDA can run under Wine, I would expect it to only work
> with other Windows applications running under Wine.
> And honestly, I remember Wine being fairly frustrating to work with
> even as a sighted user, and while there's been nearly a decade for it
> to improve since I last used it, Microsoft's fondness for overhauling
> UI every other version and making changes seemingly for the sake of
> change means the Wine devs have been dealing with a moving target...
> wouldn't be surprised if Wine offers better support for older Windows
> software than Windows itself does these days though.
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