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Wed Feb 19 03:28:24 UTC 2020

Do you realize that archlinux is intended to advanced users and that a
rolling release might break things anytime when a blind user absolutely
can't use his computer if the accessibility tools he need don't work ?

On the other side, Slint is Slackware based, out of the 5 majors
distributions bases, it's one of the two far less used so the user have
barely no community to help him in case of issues.

So Debian make sense since it's the base of 80% of all distributions so
it's by far the widest community so support is a no brainer, also Debian
name is stability and blinds need it at point way higher than average

Ubuntu Mate stability is lower so LTS versions are heavily recommended for
blinds, for regular not blind end-users version 19.10 have an edge for a
few features but they should swap and keep 20.04 LTS as soon as released.

For outdated accessibility stack it's mostly false, Debian stable with
backports or Debian testing are even more updated than Ubuntu after all
Ubuntu is based from Debian testing but it's slightly outdated since they
have to make a release first.

Knoppix Adrianne is not suited for an installed setup.

For low vision users and color blinds, Mate tweak allow to add Compiz that
add color filters color inversion and magnification shortcuts.

For the rest, without knowing features I wanna implement, you may underlook
Debian but with them, it may be game changer but I won't hand my jewels
cause I need to release a whole set of ideas as a proof of concept,
otherwise idiots would waste ideas that could change everything and solve
many linux issues at the same time.

Michaël Caron Couturier

Le mar. 18 févr. 2020, à 04 h 07, Linux for blind general discussion <
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> I just ran a kernel update a few minutes ago on archlinux and tried
> rebooting.
> Some uuid cannot be found and I got thrown into an emergency shell.  All
> of this of course without screen reader working.
> I found this out as a result of talking to a be my eyes volunteer on the
> phone after she examined my screen.
> I have no idea what caused that and have minimal usb stuff connected to
> the computer.  I had disconnected a flash drive from the computer thinking
> the flash drive was the cause of the missing uuid but that wasn't the
> case.
> Fortunately I use solid state drives and have another different system on
> one of them or I'd be offline for a while.
> The volunteer didn't read me the long number after that uuid error.
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