any other devuan users here?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Tue Jan 28 01:30:39 UTC 2020

If so,  though espeak and espeakup work fine, I can't get aplay paplay
audacious mpd mplayer and vlc to play any sound.  Any ideas what I can try
to get these packages working correctly?
If I can't get these packages going I'm going to ash can this distribution
and replace it with slint since slint doesn't have these problems.
Another problem I'm having with devuan is none of the graphical interfaces
I've tried so far mate and xfce4 cannot get orca talking in them.
Slint and Jenux do not have this problem and my Jenux disk has gnome
talking on it.

Another problem with devuan is the website isn't taking any more
subscriptions for the dng mail list which is where such issues could be
raised if the website mail form was working.  I
put several subscription requests in for that mail list and never got a
confirmation message.


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