installing speakup on RHEL 7/8

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Wed Jul 22 01:40:59 UTC 2020

Yes we are prepared to rebuild the kernel but if the code is excluded from
the staging tree then it's going to be a problem

I have enquired into the possibilities of using a different distro, and I am
not going to say it will not happen, but the chance is extremely slim at
this point.  Unless I can prove that we can't get speakup to run on RHEL
unfortunately that is not an option.


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The Kernel is pretty much a black box from my perspective, but as I
understand it, Speakup is a Kernel module, each distro is free to decide
which kernel modules to include in their default kernel, and that due to REL
being an extremely conservative distro, they exclude pretty much everything
in the staging tree, which includes Speakup.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that in order to use speakup on a REL
system, one would have to compile speakup and any other part of the
accessibility stack that directly relies on it, if not recompile the whole

If switching to a different distro that does include speakup in its default
kernel isn't an option, one might have better luck getting a userland screen
reader like Fenrir up and running instead.

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