Is the Speakup List Down?

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Mon Jul 27 06:51:26 UTC 2020

Hi All: After posting, I received an error sending. Meanwhile my comments 
were mostly designed for Samuel, so I will paste them in here. They are 
about the DecTalk.
Hi Sam-and-All: In the last several months, I've been still trying to find 
a sample command to increase intonation or excitement. Looking in manuals 
wasn't so helpful, but asking around gave me a clue about another aspect. 
over these 16years, I still have many randem times where Speakup drops the 
pitch, rate, and volume. Well, any time I run this command, it happens. 
Hopefully among some of the DecTalk symbols, we will finally know. Now, 
here's this
sudo echo "[:np][:dv ri 90 Do I sound more forceful?" >> 
Back again live, Maybe that dv command knocked everything down?
Now, if we ever can include a tone option for intonation, only insert+7 
and insert+0 ar available, or you could use insert+t or maybe use both 
insert keys for increase/decrease. Some1 told me that a "sync" command in 
DecTalk can create
excitement, but I have not proved that yet. Thanks so much in advance

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