who of us would be so advanced C programmer that would try to increase the quality of this Android Shmem library?

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Hi Mr./Ms. Anonymous,

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> Dear advanced C and C++ programmers here.

What does your post have to do with "Linux for the blind"? It is also hard to
understand due to the proliferation of spelling and grammar errors. Also note
that many subscribers here are probably not too versed in C and/or C++:


Anyway, how can we help you? It's not clear what you wish to achieve or offer.

> Adroid devices are light veight, portable, consume lov energy when powering
> by using AC adapters. Modern 8 core CPUS are very professional and can be
> used for many tasks. Thanks to Termux and Proot, it is possible to safely
> use more and more Linux distributions.
> But some Linux apps have been coded that it can only use shared memory. Mate
> desktop have been coded that shared memory is not The needed condition to
> run this desktop environment. But some desktops or apps have been really
> coded by The way, that shared memory must be used. In other cases it will
> never run for you.
> Some advanced C programmers have been so professional that they have decided
> to write native C libraries, which are working as A shared memory emulators.
> Sure. Shared memory support, which hhave been incorporated to The standard
> Linux kernel, not to The Aneroid kernel can not be fully replaced by .so
> library, which try to do its best to emulate shared memory calls on Android
> devices while running Linux distro by suing Termux and Proot.
> Here is only shared library, which is legally available as opensource.
> https://github.com/pelya/android-shmem
> It have debugging enabled so when some app will try to use supported shared
> memory calls, it will display its work activity result to The terminal.
> Attention! This project is really advanced, it is not a toy and if you will
> not deeply understand C language to extešnd it or improve it, you can get
> unexpectable results.
> I hope, that somebody advanced will look at The code.
> X11vnc is not supported if run without --noshm option, it uses may be
> unsupported shared memory function or it uses too many shared memory
> manipulations at A time.
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