New Mail Sound in Alpine?

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Thu Jun 11 04:30:32 UTC 2020

Hi All: This is quite an anoying mystery. 2Weeks ago I switched my domain 
away from Shellworld infavor of FastMail. Things are going fairly well, 
not as much spam. On Shellworld, especially in pine, whenever new mail 
would arrive, my pc-speaker would beep. Here on my Dbian machine, now 
running Alpine, I am not receiving any beeping. Sure at any prompt my 
backSpace provides a beep, which I changed the frequency with a setterm 
So we are useing fetchmail to grab via imap from FastMail. I asked in 
comp.mail.pine and all he says, "its a terminal issue" I looked over the 
beep manual, nothing jumps out at me. Can any1 please inform why I am not 
getting a beep for new mail, or how to fixit? Yes, we have most of the 
settings similar to how they are on Shellworld.
The hazzard in not hearing a beep or bell, while scrolling an index of 
messages, the numbering changes-and-it would be quite easy to accidently 
nuke a wrong message.
I would actually prefer running pine verses alpine, but we cannot build 
2005 software. Thanks so much in advance for any-and-all guidance.

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