New Mail Sound in Alpine?

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Thu Jun 11 08:47:26 UTC 2020

I have my sort order set to arrrival.  Yes, message numbering changes
but new messages come in as the lowest numbers.  There is a status beep
setting in alpine though I never researched what that did.  Maybe that
can be adjusted.  Shellworld had lots of spam, I tried helping members
of blind-l with it (ultimately filter by Message-ID and had my account
black listed by some Hungarian on so it couldn't be used
on the internet that one claiming I was an undesireable and that one
wrote about it on the internet.  The record of that one's writing is
likely still on the internet too.  Anyone wants to see it can search
jdashiel at  That now is water over the dam.

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> Subject: New Mail Sound in Alpine?
> Hi All: This is quite an anoying mystery. 2Weeks ago I switched my domain away
> from Shellworld infavor of FastMail. Things are going fairly well, not as much
> spam. On Shellworld, especially in pine, whenever new mail would arrive, my
> pc-speaker would beep. Here on my Dbian machine, now running Alpine, I am not
> receiving any beeping. Sure at any prompt my backSpace provides a beep, which
> I changed the frequency with a setterm command.
> So we are useing fetchmail to grab via imap from FastMail. I asked in
> comp.mail.pine and all he says, "its a terminal issue" I looked over the beep
> manual, nothing jumps out at me. Can any1 please inform why I am not getting a
> beep for new mail, or how to fixit? Yes, we have most of the settings similar
> to how they are on Shellworld.
> The hazzard in not hearing a beep or bell, while scrolling an index of
> messages, the numbering changes-and-it would be quite easy to accidently nuke
> a wrong message.
> I would actually prefer running pine verses alpine, but we cannot build 2005
> software. Thanks so much in advance for any-and-all guidance.
> Chime
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