Prospects for an accessible and open version of Android?

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Hmm, I'm not buying this at all. I suppose issue could be over used, but I'm
finding it hard to see it as euphemistic or a cliché. As a software
engineer, I use issue as a generic term. For example, I don't know yet if
we're talking about a bug, a new enhancement, a user error or a missed
requirement, so until we investigate and make this determination, it's an
issue. I could use the word problem, but I don't find this any different,
and it has a more negative connotation then I want to associate with a
feature request. In your example below, I think saying someone has issues is
perfectly acceptable, unless you’re a professional making a clinical
diagnosis and then I'm pretty sure you wouldn't use the phrase nutty as a
fruit cake.

Note I can't tell what the specific use here is in question since the thread
below was truncated. I find it kind of interesting (which is definitely a
euphemism) that someone is making it a campaign to have people stop diluting
the word issue, which I suppose is a good thing, because it made me think of
my use of the word issue.

I can't tell where you came up with this definition of share. According to
the Merriam-Webster dictionary at here are some definitions
of the word share as a transitive or intransitive verb:

1a: to partake of, use, experience, occupy, or enjoy with others
b: to have in common
they share a passion for opera
3: to tell (thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc.) to others —often used
with with

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> Issue is  euphamism and a cliché word.
> That guy has issues.
> Versus saying
> That guy is nutty as a damn fruitcake.
> Another word that falls into the same category is share.
> I was at a group meeting last night and one of the panel participants
shared with
> us his adventures.
> Share is something you use, for example, as  generously distributing. Not
> discussion, or talked about.
> That's what he means by issue being over-used.
> Rob
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> > No piece of sufficiently complex software is perfect(SBL is my
> > favorite console screen reader and I wish it was packaged for as many
> > distros as espeakup and Fenrir are, but it does have this annoying
> > habit that when programs have an updating progress statement at the
> > bottom of their output, SBL starts over reading the line whenever it
> > updates instead of finishing the read it started, and where this
> > progress moves quickly(e.g. the program executing on many small
> > inputs), it often never gets to reading the important part of the
> > progress statement), and often, which flaws one is willing to put up
> > with are just as important as which features one values most when
> > selecting between two pieces of software that do similar jobs.
> >
> > That said, I'm curious what the person who said "issues is an overused
> > word" or something to that effect meant, especially with how they
> > agreed with the person they were quoting just replacing "issues" with
> > "problems". I realize this is probably an argument of definitions, but
> > I've always thought of these words as synonyms and unlike words like
> > "affordable", "inexpensive", and "cheap" where there is the same
> > denotation but quite different connotation, I consider "problem" and
> > "issue" to be the same in both denotation and connotation.
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