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Thu Jun 25 01:16:00 UTC 2020

Rich pretty much read my mind earlier, I find the tiny size of microSD
make them hard to handle and way too easy to lose, and I've yet to
come across a device where I felt like the extra bulk to fit a
full-sized SD slot would harm the overall look and feel of the device.

Wouldn't be so bad if I could just install a card and then never touch
it except to replace it when it fails or I need to upgrade to a larger
capacity, but it seems like every device that I come across either
straight up doesn't allow access to the SD card by connecting the
device to my desktop over USB or the device doesn't act like USB mass
storage, making it easier to move stuff to/from the SD card by popping
it out of the device and into a card reader.

Fortunately, my portable media player has a full-sized SD slot and
works just fine with SDXC cards once formatted to fat32 on my desktop,
though I fear the day it eventually fails as the trends it defies have
only gotten more entrenched over the years I've had it.


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