Want to try a GUI. Which one is best?

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Sun Mar 1 11:17:59 UTC 2020


I am using Debian command line as much as possible. When I must deal with a GUI I use Microsoft Windows 10. However, i'm getting disgusted with Microsoft's 
updates, which it makes without asking permission. they keep causing trouble with my computers. I've heard of several Linux Desktop environments, but I'm 
skeptical if they are as good as Windows. Which one would you recommend?

I want my Linux machine to continue to boot into the command line, and when I want a GUI to start it with a simple command, or maybe a shell script.


John J. Boyer
Email: john.boyer at abilitiessoft.org
website: http://www.abilitiessoft.org
Status: Company dissolved but website and email addresses  live.
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Mission: developing assistive technology software and providing STEM services 
        that are available at no cost

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