Stormux is born.

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Wed Mar 11 23:13:55 UTC 2020

Hello list,

As some of you may know the F123Light project came to an end for lack of

But, like a phoenix rising from ashes, a new project is born and
continues F123: Stormux, developed by a small team led by Billy Wolfe
aka Storm Dragon.

Let's quote its home page

> Stormux aims to bring a low cost, fully accessible to the blind, general
> purpose computer to the masses. Stormux is configured to be accessible
> out of the box. All you need do is write the image, insert the card, and
> plug it in to get started.
> Stormux is optimized for the Raspberry Pi 4. It runs the Mate desktop
> and is powered by Arch Linux.
> Stormux provides access to the console using the Fenrir screen reader,
> and the desktop using Orca.

Stormux is in a very early stage, but images are already available here:

If you want to try, it is highly recommended to register to the mailing
list, so that you can get help and provide feedback.
To subscribe: stormux+subscribe at

You can support financially the project: Storm has now a Patreon page
for that, as he recently wrote on the Stormux mailing list:
I encourage you to do so, so that the Stormux project can continue to
develop itself. 

Why, as the developer of Slint, another accessible Linux distribution,
do I spread the word about Stormux? Because:
1. We do not compete. Slint is for x86_64 computers only so far.
2. It's good that blind computer users have a choice.
3. I have a high esteem for Storm and the Stormux team, and we help each
other for the mutual benefit of our projects.

Best regards,
Didier Spaier

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