wget downloads

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Wed Mar 18 21:51:13 UTC 2020

the best way I've found to do wget downloads outside of sourceforge.net is
to use:
wget -bc url.
The reason for this is if wget-log doesn't exist on your user directory,
wget will create it and write its download progress into wget-log.  If
wget-log exists, wget-log.1 will get created and written to for the
present download.
The suffix number increases if the last one is present so you could get a
bunch of wget-log files in your user directory if you don't manage them.
The reasons you want wget-log are two.
First you can check if the download is complete with:
grep -i saved wget-log
If grep returns nothing, it means either a download failed or hasn't yet
If grep returns a line of information with the word saved in it, it means
your download is complete.
The second reason is you can check the progress of your download with:
wc -l wget-log
That will return a number.
If you repeat that command and get a higher number back, your download is
If you don't use wget -bc url, you get a mess on your screen and no
ability to check completion and progress of your download.


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