please help Me to build Shortwave radio player

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Tue May 12 17:24:08 UTC 2020

Dear users and developers here,
Who of us would have A good will and would help Me to build Shortwave radio
I Am building it on Arch Linux ARM64 BIt edition by using Android device,
Termux, Proot package and special Bash shell script which have been created
by MR Rausty.

The only one issue which I AM facing now is The following Libhandy available
on Github."
Meson can not build The project, because this library can not be updated
from Github. I will try to remove The line

features = ["v0_0_6"]
But I Am afraid that it will not make sense.
Removing whole dependency line also do not make sense. Since compiler
require this library from many lines of Shortwave source code.

Users who use normal Linux distribution can simply use Gnome-builder, but
because GNome-builder communicate with System bus, which can not be operated
from Android device, I Am helpless to use it.
I also do not know where to run ARM64 Bit ArchLinux. Because some
virtualisation engines do not support ARM64 on X86 or X64 platforms.

I have also found out functioning way how to run Orca Espeak,
Speech-dispatcher and even The most of Mate desktop environment. So if
somebody would have An interest to experiment with Linux distros on Android
devices, I Am ready to give you some step by step instructions.

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