please help Me to build Shortwave radio player

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Tue May 12 17:53:43 UTC 2020

If you have the funds for such a device, I can recommend either the 
Odroid N2 or the Odroid C4 to run Linux directly on ARM64 devices. The 
C4 has similar specs to the Raspberry Pi4, which is also a quite capable 
device, but it may not have a 64-bit kernel, unless mainline works with it.

  The first devices I mention are both rather inexpensive ARM64 
computers. The N2 is the most powerful, but the C4 is the least 
expensive. Both have 4GB of RAM, but the N2 has more than twice the 
processing power. I highly recommend these because they can boot either 
from inexpensive MicroSD cards or from a bit more expensive but higher 
endurance eMMC chips. I have had one of these eMMC chips running almost 
constantly for probably 3 years in an older Odroid XU4. The best thing 
about working with pretty much any of these single-board computers is 
the fact that absolutely everything is stored on the storage media. 
There's no inaccessible bios or uefi to have to deal with, as most of 
them either run U-Boot or can otherwise be configured from a text file 
that can be edited in any text editor on the running system. I generally 
run ArchLinuxARM on these computers, but other operating systems are 
available for them as well, although I can't comment on the 
accessibility of any Android images available for them, because I 
haven't tried them. My guess though is that it should be possible to 
flash the apk files for Talkback and for a voice, I recommend RHVoice, 
as the image should be accessible from any computer with a card reader 
or a USB port for an eMMC reader. Just some of my thoughts, I hope I 
didn't ramble too much.


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