Strange Happenings in mpv?

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Tue Sep 15 20:41:05 UTC 2020

Well, just for the record, I am running Debian sid, as I certainly love 
getting the latest packages. So, 1 of my Linux experts created an audio 
editor which I can use after ripping streams. Just recently any files, 
especially dot aac, but really anything, now when I play them in mpv, I 
cannot arrow through to sample audio. I can arrow when playing these in m 
player. So, here's an even stranger aspect. If I move any of these files 
or their directory, I can then arrow. At that point, even if I change a 
name of a file, but if I move it back to its orriginal location, again I 
cannot arrow. First we thought there was some library bug in mpv, but the 
fact I can work with these files if they are moved, says its not that. My 
expert is useing a vlc library to enable me to edit. Can any1 please 
inform if you've ever seen this or what I can do to fixit? By the way vlc 
seems to never let me arrow through a file.

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