[BRLTTY] BRLTTY on Linux mint Mate addition

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Mon Aug 23 22:10:56 UTC 2021

Hi Brandt,
I am bit puzzled; Mint is based on Debian which ships brltty-6.3 for 
and as backport for buster according to:

So I am puzzled: which Mint version do you use?

I would suggest to use a Debian package, but don't know which would be
compatible with you Mint version.

You could also build from source but indeed then the software would not be
handled by the package management system of Mint.

Or, but only if everything else fails, re-install Slint ;)

By the way we will provide brltty-6.4 for Slint as soon as released (but 
will do that too for Debian, I presume).

Didier Spaier
Slint maintainer

Le 23/08/2021 à 20:44, Brandt Steenkamp a écrit :
> Hi everybody,
> Due to the fact that I have had unbelievable trouble with pulseaudio in Arch, I installed the first Linux edition I could lay my hands on, which was Linux mint, mate edition.
> Unfortunately, it comes by the fault with BRLTTY 6.0, which is no use to me, since my humanware BrailleOne is not supported under that version of BRLTTY.
> How would you go about installing BRLTTY 6.3  under Linux mint?
> Warm regards,
> Brandt Steenkamp
> Sent from my iPhone

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