Decluttering Thunderbird/other alternatives?

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Thu Mar 18 23:19:35 UTC 2021

hey there,

hmm, I'm affraid I kind of don't understand it.

How exactly is Thunderbird clutter?

As for Lightning, yes, it used to be there, but it was never appearing
anywhere near the components used for navigation, and was so invisible,
that I don't remember ever seeing it.

In fact, I don't even know, whether it is still here or not. :D

There were various changes, and I don't remember what's the current

As for the new message window, what version of TB do you use?

In 78+ releases, the recipient field was replaced by a newone, which
allows you to write everything to that one place.

Right after finishing the address and tabbing or may be pressing some
key (I did not check), it disappears and nextone can be written, if you
wish the message to be send to anyone else.

So in practice, you need just one tab to get to the subject field.

In general, I'm personally really satisfied with TB. It perhaps could be
a little bit faster with imap accounts, but since I use Protonmail,
which provides its own app to create a local imap server for end to end
inbox encryption / decryption, that doesn't really bother me as local
sockets have practically no speed limits.

Being able to sort e-mails to threads (in a logical way, unlike
Evolution), receive RSS news and write eMails in Markdown, I personally
currently don't have any reasons to search alternatives, except my
curiosity. :)

Best regards


Dňa 18. 3. 2021 o 16:01 Linux for blind general discussion napísal(a):
> So is there a way I can declutter Thunderbird to be simpler/easier to
> navigate? I don't /need/ Lightningtaking up space, or having to tab
> twice in writing a message to get to the subject field.
> So can I do anything to declutter Thunderbird. Or are there any
> alternative email programs that are just as good as Thunderbird that
> work great with Orca?
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