Decluttering Thunderbird/other alternatives?

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Thu Mar 18 23:51:30 UTC 2021

By above, do you mean visually or from tabs' perspective?
I have TB opened right now, with the inbox displayed.
And there are exactly 4 components on the screen in this order:
* Tabs selector, with the Inbox tab selected
* Filter edit field
* Navigation tree with the accounts and folders structure
* Messages list

And that's all. Since I don't really need neither tabs nor the filter,
I'm basically working with two components, one following the other.
This was the in fact default state after installation, all I did was
turning of the messages preview by pressing F8 and setting new messages
to appear in a separate window.

Nothing really complicated.

The new message window contains the recipient field, subject field and
message field. There are few other components when pressing shift+tab
from the recipient field, but since I usually don't need them and the
focus already begins in the recipient field after opening the window,
It's again not a problem.

Best regards


Dňa 19. 3. 2021 o 0:36 Linux for blind general discussion napísal(a):
> I'm using the latest Thunderbird on Ubuntu Mate 20.04, and yes the today
> pane is what I'm refering to, which put a calendar above the folder
> list, and the filter messages/search bar. Which is infinitely annoying
> since Mozilla decided to have it on by default, and this was publicized
> before the latest update of Thunderbird.
> On the subject of Alpine/Mutt, I'm runnning into issues with Gmail
> giving me critical security issues due to how Mutt/Alpine handle
> authenticating things, so Tim, any ideas?
> On 18/03/2021 23:19, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> hey there,
>> hmm, I'm affraid I kind of don't understand it.
>> How exactly is Thunderbird clutter?
>> As for Lightning, yes, it used to be there, but it was never appearing
>> anywhere near the components used for navigation, and was so invisible,
>> that I don't remember ever seeing it.
>> In fact, I don't even know, whether it is still here or not. :D
>> There were various changes, and I don't remember what's the current
>> resolution.
>> As for the new message window, what version of TB do you use?
>> In 78+ releases, the recipient field was replaced by a newone, which
>> allows you to write everything to that one place.
>> Right after finishing the address and tabbing or may be pressing some
>> key (I did not check), it disappears and nextone can be written, if you
>> wish the message to be send to anyone else.
>> So in practice, you need just one tab to get to the subject field.
>> In general, I'm personally really satisfied with TB. It perhaps could be
>> a little bit faster with imap accounts, but since I use Protonmail,
>> which provides its own app to create a local imap server for end to end
>> inbox encryption / decryption, that doesn't really bother me as local
>> sockets have practically no speed limits.
>> Being able to sort e-mails to threads (in a logical way, unlike
>> Evolution), receive RSS news and write eMails in Markdown, I personally
>> currently don't have any reasons to search alternatives, except my
>> curiosity. :)
>> Best regards
>> Rastislav
>> Dňa 18. 3. 2021 o 16:01 Linux for blind general discussion napísal(a):
>>> So is there a way I can declutter Thunderbird to be simpler/easier to
>>> navigate? I don't /need/ Lightningtaking up space, or having to tab
>>> twice in writing a message to get to the subject field.
>>> So can I do anything to declutter Thunderbird. Or are there any
>>> alternative email programs that are just as good as Thunderbird that
>>> work great with Orca?
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