Any suggestions for survey hosting websites accessible with Lynx?

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Tue Mar 23 04:57:53 UTC 2021

I'm hoping someone on this list might have some suggestions for a website where I could post a survey accessible for those using the console with the Lynx browser to fill out? 
I've heard of SurveyMonkey but I don't know if that website would be accessible for someone using the console. 
I use Firefox in graphical and I'm not that familiar with console browsers but the survey needs to be accessible for those using Lynx.
I do not have the skills in web design to create my own site just to host a survey.
I'm hoping to use one of the survey hosting website options out there but I don't know which ones might work with Lynx. 
It needs to be accessible both for the survey administrators as well as the participants.
Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
Thanks so much,

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