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Known by you. But that's far from scientific. Does Orca have object
navigation? No flat review is not the same thing. That's just one thing.
The issues with focus mode and quick navigation keys moving me around a
page while I type into a text box made me not trust the tool, and I
couldn't reproduce it well enough to make a bug report out of it. Also if
blind programmers see a screen reader that plows forward with updates in
functionality and support with a sensible, to, yes, current NVDA users, way
of doing things, they'll jump on. And that's what we need most; more blind
programmers willing to use and contribute to Linux, thus bringing on more
of the blind community. If Orca feels the sting of competition, then
perhaps things will get better.

Also, I can't remember which, but other the Orca dev or someone on Mastodon
reviewing Orca's code said that, I believe the Terminal-access code is
"black magic". That doesn't bode well for the rest of Orca. I know, there
may not be another way to get at Terminal text, but if this new screen
reader takes advantage of GTK 4 from the start, there may just be easier
ways of doing things. And I'm not saying Orca is bad. It manages to mostly
keep up on a Chromebook running Linux out of a container so Orca knows
nothing about windows management, states, and changes. But look. Say we
were all on Windows and using JAWS. We'd been using JAWS for the last 10
years and it works and it does what you need it to do. And then comes NVDA,
the new kid on the block, developed in this new fnagled Python language
that's supposed to be for kids and slow as my brain. But then what do you
know; ten years later, Microsoft is testing accessibility not with JAWS,
not with Narrator, but with NVDA. All forms of sighted devs and designers
are testing Windows stuff with NVDA. Now, the cool thing is that Orca is
open source, so Igdrasyl (I know I misspelled it", can take the good from
Orca and learn from both it and NVDA's good design.
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> OK yes, choice is always good. But they're certainly not helping their
> case by saying that we should jump on their bandwagon because the
> existing choice is so piss poor as to be almost unusable, which is known
> to be an outright lie.
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