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Tue Nov 2 08:32:35 UTC 2021


> Accessibility on Linux has historically been under-developed, under-maintained,

And thus let's split the effort instead of joining? Ew.

> Members of the Rust community are reimplementing a number of C-based programs, making the argument that they can improve on the current state of the art.

That is right for various C-based programs that are a pain to maintain
because of C. Orca is not a pain to maintain because of Python, it's a
pain to develop because the problem itself is complex. Rewriting in Rust
won't change that.

> On the other hand, choices are good.

Choices are good when there are enough people to work on the various
choices. Split the community, and instead of having one good software,
you have two poor software.

> not a tremendous amount of development occurring on either.

That's just a matter of people joining in.

> Does Orca have object navigation? No flat review is not the same thing.

Where is the feature request for object navigation?  Where is the pull
request to propose an implementation?

> Also, I can't remember which, but other the Orca dev or someone on Mastodon
> reviewing Orca's code said that, I believe the Terminal-access code is
> "black magic".

For terminal access, it'll be much more interesting to run brltty, which
has decades of experience.

brltty -b ba -x a2 -N

Note that the "black magic" inserted in Orca is most often because it's
the application itself which exposes bogus information.


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