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Tue Nov 2 14:37:39 UTC 2021

The choice isn't what bothers me ... I love choice, having the freedom 
to choose. It's the trash talk that so clearly detracts from the 
entirety of the concept. Why is this so hard to understand? This is not 
a competitive game, it's not my team is better than your team, your team 
sucks and mine is better, your choice is the devil and mine is the one 
true god. It can't be this way. The choice is between free and open 
source options, and it is even possible to choose both, since they are 
each better suited to different workflows for different people, and it 
is possible that my personal workflow could benefit from having both 
options available at different times. Leave the trash talk in the boxing 
ring, where there can be only one winner. If both concepts can win, then 
both should try to be as good as they themselves can be instead of 
trying to make the other look bad in order to give a false sense of a 1 
or 0, true or false, a or b choice that simply doesn't exist since it is 
perfectly logical to choose all of the above.

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