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Sun Nov 7 18:57:57 UTC 2021

In response to a post on the "Mailman 2 Users" list, I received a couple of notes from one of the developers (Stephen J. Turnbull).  He says, in brief, that this list should upgrade to a current version of Mailman.

He also told me, off-list, that the Mailman 3 folks are seriously interested in improving its accessibility.  If anyone here is interested in participating in this effort (and has the needed time and skills), please consider writing to Stephen.  (Include a summary of your accessibility and/or software development chops.)

- Rich Morin

> Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Stephen J. Turnbull" <stephenjturnbull at gmail.com>
> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Re: customized From handling?
> Date: November 7, 2021 at 00:00:40 PDT
> To: Rich Morin <rdm at cfcl.com>
> Cc: Mailman 2 Users <mailman-users at python.org>
> Rich Morin writes:
>> [the blinux admins] would probably be more inclined to update
>> within version 2.1.x (and tweak the config a bit) than to move to
>> version 3.
> That's fine with us.  We are proud of Mailman 2, it's just that a
> decade ago we could clearly see it was reaching the end of the line
> for major feature development.
> IMO, everybody should definitely update to the most recent version of
> Mailman 2 which is available from Launchpad via the bzr VCS (you can
> also download a tar.gz or maybe a .zip) as well as many distros'
> package repositories (if not the very most recent, something much
> better than 2.1.12 or 2.1.15).
> There have been *many* improvements since then, including the DMARC
> mitigations mentioned elsewhere in this thread that may help address
> this problem, but also a number of security issues that affect third
> parties (a few cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, for example) have
> been addressed.  Staying up to date on Internet-facing software is
> just plain good citizenship.

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