[Mailman-Users] customized From handling?

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Sun Nov 7 19:28:19 UTC 2021


> Am 07.11.2021 um 19:57 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com>:
> He also told me, off-list, that the Mailman 3 folks are seriously interested in improving its accessibility.  If anyone here is interested in participating in this effort (and has the needed time and skills), please consider writing to Stephen.  (Include a summary of your accessibility and/or software development chops.)

I’ve installed mailman 3 a few months ago because I am hosting some mailinglist servers for a German community for blind people and we have to migrate from mailman 2 to mailman 3 somewhen in the near future.

In general mailman 3 is very accessible with modern browsers and also with textbased browsers most administrative tasks can be done very well. We would have much less problems if other software is that good regarding accessibility.

I can only remember some small accessibility issues when the webinterface is used to brows and create or reply to posts, but I have to take a closer look and if there is something I can open an issue on github where the mailman 3 sources are hosted.

Regarding thee problem with the anonymous postings on this lists I think there are possibilities to reconfigure the list which is running on mailman 2. We have hundrets of lists running owith mailman 2.1.29 and we do not have any spam problem and we do not need to configure the lists to be anonymous. I am not sure if mailman version for this list is to old to reconfigure the lists properly and I do also not know if the mailman version can be updated e.g. to 2.1.29, but I can say for sure that no update to mailman 3 is needed because of spam problems. Those kind of problems can be resolved with mailman 2 too and updating from 2.1.x to e.g. 2.1.29 or 2.1.36 should be no big thing.



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