Gui vs. cli software

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Mon Nov 15 18:29:31 UTC 2021

I generally gravitate towards CLI applications as I often feel like
GUIs just get in the way and massively bloat the size of an
application, and if I could find a text-only web browser I found
anywhere near as usable as firefox is with Orca, I'd ditch the GUI

That said, CLI isn't for everyone and often times, using a GUI versus
using a CLI requires very different mindsets, so which is better for a
given user comes down to that user.

The nice thing about Linux is that, for most things, you have a choice
between a GUI way of doing things and a CLI way of doing things for
any given task, and often several ways on both sides, and switching
between the two is almost trivial, and as a general rule, Linux
doesn't try to rail road you into a particular way of doing things...
and if a distro does try to take choice away, you can just try a
different distro.

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